natural cat training
Natural Cat Training

Natural Cat Training

Natural cat training involves training the cat by using his own natural instincts. If your cat misbehaves by not using the litterbox and clawing up the furniture, you may be able to restore harmony to your house by taking some time to train him properly.

Let us look at natural cat training. One of the first things we have to learn is the natural instincts and behavior of a cat.

Kittens are born with a great sense of smell, before they can even see. This is a sense that you will want to help build in a kittens life, in order for growth to a cat, the sense will continue to be strong. A cat will live with in its or territory if they have their scent around the area. As a kitten, you will want to have the kitten explore as many possibilities as it can. Like taking, the cat to the groomers when you have not taking the kitten when they are young, the outcome will be disasters if you wait until they are a full-grown cat. Kittens and cats need the socialization in order to prevent bad experiences.

When taking the kitten out you will want to use a pet carrier for this. Put kitten’s favorite blanket, pillow maybe a favorite toy. With putting these items in the pet carrier will help kitty smell its own scent and will want to go in the carrier easier.

Cats do become accustom to our routine around the house. If we have a routine of everyday say getting up for work and comes, a day that we can sleep in, kitty is not going to let you do that. This is like breaking kitty’s routine, and cats do not like breaking routine. Cats also do not like it when things are not in place around the house or if something new enters the house, like a pair of new shoes. Cats with a keen smell will be able to tell something is not right and will go and check it out.

Here are some thoughts that you can use if you are going to natural cat train your cat. Going on the internet and check out recourses to help you more with the changes are a good idea, talk to your local vet, or look for books that will help.

Setting a goal. Set a goal for the behavior that you need to change. Think of options for training your cat to reach the goal.

Step by step. You will want to take time and lots of patience to do this. Remember kitty has done this since it was born. Rushing your kitten will do nothing for the both of you. .

Patience, Patience and more patience for you and for the kitten will be necessary for the kitten to view the change as good one.

Last, if the kitten encounters loss of appetitive stress over the behavior change, this is a good time to stop and reevaluate the process.

Cats will learn by experience. When the experience is good, your cat will try to repeat it. If the experience is unpleasant, your cat will not be willing to try it in the future.

Always remember to reward your kitten or cat when the behavior is good. However, if the behavior is not good remember not to get mad, reprimand the cat for the behavior with out a reward. Do not give in and feed a kitten or cat when they do something that you think that they want to eat. Your kitten or cat needs to have a set time to eat and stick to it. Not before or after this will not work for training.

Remember to give your kitten or cat a hug today.

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