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Plants And Your Cat

Plants And Your Cat

Cats love plants but some household plants are not good for them. The alternative? Grow plants that are good for your kitty!

Wheat, oat grass, catnip, or heather are just some of the plants that you can grow a garden for kitty indoors or outdoors. Going along with growing some grass in your house, it would be a good idea to find a long potting box so that your cat can crawl up into the grass and lay in it. There are a lot of plants, bushes, and even grass that are not good for your cat. Some of the plants and bushes have poisons chemical in the plant, which will make your cat very ill or even death. With growing, some of the grass and plants recommended for your cat this will save the other plants from gnawed on and dirt spread around.

Growing catnip in the house or outside will give your cat the pleasure that you are looking for. Catnip is from the mint family and cats do love the smell and to nibble on it. When growing catnip you will want to pinch off the tops of the blades of grass from the catnip once it is high enough, this is to help the plant to bush out. While the plant is growing indoors, you will want to keep it from kitty too much catnip and kitty will be immune from catnip.

Why does a cat eat green grass or plants? Cat use this to help get hairballs to digest out of their system. Grass or plants serve as self-medicating to the cat

With having a cat and plants we need to be careful, with still having to be able to decorate the homes with some fresh plants and flowers to make it comfortable for you and for the cat. With out these plants you will be come dissatisfied with the comfort of the home and the cat will be uncomfortable with living outside the home.

Purchasing plants for the house should be a care purchase. Contact the local florist or greenery to find out more about the plant. Search the web for more information on a plant that you may have or looking at purchasing. You will know if the plant is safe for the cat

Lilly plants are the most dangerous for you cat. Poinsettia, some types of ivy, rhubarb, Aloe Vera, amaryllis, and apple seeds, most fruit pits, baby breath, Black-Eye Susan, bleeding hearts, some cactus, Christmas rose, cornflower, chrysanthemum, daffodils, elderberry, ferns, holly, honey suckle, Jessamine, marigold, mistletoe, morning glory, mushrooms, different yews, Virginia creepers, tulips, tobacco, tomato plants. This is just a small list that is of the plants that are poison

Some plants that are safe for you cat include African violet ,American rubber plant ,Baby rubber tree plant ,Bachelors buttons ,Bamboo, Begonia species, Blue daisy, Boston fern, Buttercup squash ,Camellia, Cape primrose, Carolina hemlock ,Cat ear, Chaparral snapdragon, Christmas palm, Christmas orchid, Cocks comb, Common snapdragon ,Common camellia ,Common catbrier Cornflower, Dallas fern, Dwarf feather fern, Dwarf palm, Easter daisy, Easter cattleya, Easter orchid, Easter lily cactus, Feather fern, Strawberry, There is pellet out that will help you to keep your plants and keep your cat out. Sprays that will give off scents and if your cat would try to lick it or eat it they will not like the smell or the taste. On the market, there are different items that will help you to keep your cat out of your plants or gardens. So just, remember that when you are trying to train your kitty around plants, be patient. They are not trying to ruin your plants. They just want to help themselves feel better. In the occasion that they might get sick from a plant, contact their vet, and take them in it is the responsible thing to do. Grow your kitty some grass they like to roll around in it, and eat it too.

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