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We have so many articles, we've had to break them up into several pages. If you don't find what you want on this page, check out our articles1 page, or articles 3 page.

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For fish articles visit Fish Articles and More Fish Articles

If birds tickle your fancy, we have articles on them too on our Bird Articles page

And we've also ferreted away some articles on ferrets.

Pet Articles
Automatic Litter Box
Eliminate the Unpleasant task of eliminating elimination

Cat Clothes
Is your cat to dignified to wear them?

Cat Furniture
Save your furniture by getting your cat some of his own

Cat Houses
Protect your outdoor cat from the elements and predators

How To Give Your Cat Medicine
Some basic tips on this daunting task

Cat Perch
Give your cat a perch to roost on and he'll love you for it

Cat Magazines
Keep up to date on your cats heath and get the latest cat news with these recommended magazines

What is a healty treat for your cat?
Reward your cat with treats and snacks that will keep him fit

Treating Ear Mites In Cats
Ear mites can be serious if not treated and can spread to other household pets

Natural Cat Food
You can make it yourself or buy it, either way it's better for your cat

Premium Cat Food
Premium cat food can be more costly but the long range benefits far outweigh the extra cost.

The Dangerous Life of Outdoor Cats
Find out what perils await your cat in the deep dark jungles of the world outside your home

Persian Cat Care
Find out how to care for this glamorous and exotic breed

Pet Cat Care
Basic care to keep your feline fit

How to Reduce Hair From Your Shedding Cat
This simple task can help reduce hair and help you bond with your pet

Cat Tags
Cat tags are important for your cats safety, but how do you get your feline to wear them?

Feeding Kittens
Newborn babies and kittens up to 1 year of age require specially formulated foods.

Cat Litter Enclosures
An enclosure can hide cat waste and buffer the smell from the litter box.

Parakeet Foods For Optimal Health
The parakeet foods that your bird eats can make a big difference in his health and well being. You want to feed him a diet that is high in nutrition and interesting to him as well. A balanced diet is best and some vitamins are a good idea too.

Learn About The Perfect Climate for Parakeets
Providing the perfect climate for parakeets is simple as it is basically the same as the perfect climate for humans!

Parakeet Bird Cages Selection and Setup
Parakeet bird cages come in all shapes and sizes, but how do you know if you are getting the right one for your pet?

How Do You Clip A Parakeets Wing
This procedure can be done at home but we recommend that you take your bird to a vet or pet store and have them show you how to do it before you try it yourself

What Can A Parakeet Eat?
You’ve got your new feathered friend home and have standard seed, but like all pet owners you want to reward him with special treats.

Signs Of Parakeet Illness
Birds metabolize very quickly so it is critical to get your pet to a vet at the first signs of parakeet illness.

There's Wild Parakeets In Florida!
Learn about wild tropical birds and how they got to Florida

Life Span Of Parakeets
Find out how you can help your parakeet live longer

Breeds Of Parakeets
There's a ton of breeds of parakeets, here we will discuss a couple of the more popular breeds for pets

How To Ensure Your Parakeets Health
Find out what you can do to make your bird happier and healthier

Parakeet Gestation
Learn about breeding and gestation

Training Parakeets
Some simple steps to train your bird.

How To Take Care Of A Parakeet
The best way to care for your bird

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