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Cat Figurines For Fun and Investment

Cat figurines can be fun for any cat lover to collect, but did you know that they can also be a smart investment?

If you collect wisely and stick to collectible name brands and limited editions then you can not only enjoy looking at these precious keepsakes, but also watch your investment grow at the same time!

Cat figurines come in all shapes sizes and colors - there's something for everyone! They also come in different price ranges so you can find collectibles that fit your budget as well. When shopping for cat figures keep the following in mind:

Go For Name Brands
Cat figures by "big name" companies are often collectible and values increase on the secondary market, especially if they stop making that figure whether through "retirement" or limited edition. The Walt Disney Classics Collection has a nice selection of cat figurines representing an international community of cool cats with a musical theme.The collection is very whimsical and consists of

Anything from Disney is bound to have collector value!

Fenton Glass is another name that is highly collectible and has been for many years. They make beautiful glass cat figures like this and covered with daisies as well as one . Fenton has many other types of glass cats too - to improve collectability get one that is handpainted and signed like this .

Choose Quality Materials for Your Cat Figurines

Quality materials indicate quality so you might want to consider a lovely cat figure in Crystal like this , or this .

A porcelain cat figurine From Lenox has both collectible brand name and quality materials - they make a cute and a sweet little with a kitten popping out! They also make a sassy cat.

Collect What You Like

While it's nice to have an investment that you enjoy looking at, the secondary market is fickle and there is no guarantee that what is collectible today will still be that way tomorrow. That's why you should only buy cat figures that you like and want to own! Make the investment potential be your second criteria, after all you may be stuck with it forever!

If you like something a little funky, these Sunflower Series cats are are really neat with a retro modern look and come packed in a special Wachtmeister gift box.:

Or perhaps you prefer a realistic looking cat like:

Saimese cat lovers might like one of these .

Recommended Merchants

GoCollect has tons of quality cat figurines, use the search box below to find just what you are looking for!

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