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Treating Ear Mites In Cats
Ear mites can be serious if not treated and can spread to other household pets

Natural Cat Food
You can make it yourself or buy it, either way it's better for your cat

Premium Cat Food
Premium cat food can be more costly but the long range benefits far outweigh the extra cost.

The Dangerous Life of Outdoor Cats
Find out what perils await your cat in the deep dark jungles of the world outside your home

Persian Cat Care
Find out how to care for this glamorous and exotic breed

Pet Cat Care
Basic care to keep your feline fit

How to Reduce Hair From Your Shedding Cat
This simple task can help reduce hair and help you bond with your pet

Cat Tags
Cat tags are important for your cats safety, but how do you get your feline to wear them?

Cat Figurines
Learn about collecting for pleasure and profit

Feeding Kittens
Newborn babies and kittens up to 1 year of age require specially formulated foods.

Cat Litter Enclosures
An enclosure can hide cat waste and buffer the smell from the litter box.

Avoid Cat Litter Box Problems With These Basic Tips
Find out 3 things to consider when setting up your litter box.

Make Cat Claw Trimming Easier
Trimming your cats claws is an important part of your cats hygiene – here’s some tips to make it easier.

The Importance Of Having A Spayed Cat
Homeless cats are put to death every day – having your cat spayed can help.

Testing for Cat UTI At Home
Find out if your cat has a Urinary Tract Infection by testing at home.

Cat Breed Information
How to start picking out the perfect breed of cat.

Introducing Cats
Cats can be very territorial, but heres some tips on how to introduce them to each other so they can become lifelong friends.

Keeping Your Cat Healthy
Cats are quite healthy animals and provided with adequate food, water and shelter they will most likely live a long and healthy life. However, like any other living thing, cats can get sick. Sickness can range from minor ailments to serious disease.

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